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What Is Shilajit?

Shilajit is anti aging herb which is referred with names like mineral pitch, mineral wax and mountain-resin etc. It comes out of cracks of rocks predominantly in Himalayas and also in mountain ranges of central Asia. This herb is actually molten from of plant life which once thrived at the base of ocean which has risen up to form Himalayas. This plant life got buried in the land and after years of heat and pressure it turned into thick tar like substance. This thick fluid sneaks out of cracks in the rocks of mountain and varies in colour from white to dark brown. This tar like substance possesses medicinal properties which are rare and unique and provided by sea-bed plant life which is beyond human reach under normal circumstances. This thick tar like fluid or resin is Shilajit which is most effective anti aging herb. No other herb on the planet comes even close to health benefits of Shilajit, in Ayurveda it is mentioned as queen of herbs and is said that there is no disease which cannot be treated with this herb.

The colour of this herb varies from white to dark brown and the one displaying dark brown colour is believed as most beneficial. This herb is rare source of Fulvic acid, the only other source of this acid is alluvial soil which provides this acid only after proper extraction process, but in Shilajit this acid is available readily and in bioavailable form. It comes with traces of many minerals along with amino acids and humic acid. The combination and composition of this herb makes it most effective and powerful herbs on the planet for gaining everlasting youth and vitality. This herb is rejuvenating. It reverses ailments and disorders and eliminates their damages to keep a person physically, mentally and sexually forever young.

Shilajit Composition

Shilajit benefits are immense thanks to its rare composition. This herb contains primarily Fulvic acid which is most important constituent and makes it wonderful anti aging herb. Amongst other notable constituents are Humic acid, dibenzo alpha, pyrones, humins and phospholipids. Health benefits of Shilajit are varied and numerous due to presence of trace minerals and vitamins like A, B complex, C and P. Presence of polyphenol complexes and terpenoids make this herb very special. Presence of microelements like cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, manganese, chrome, iron and magnesium add to the variety of Shilajit benefits.

The unique property of this herb's composition is that it contains nutrition which is plant based. The plant source of minerals and acids make them bioavailable which get easily absorbed in human body and make Shilajit benefits special and varied. Another major factor of this herb is its profound ability to curb free-radicals and free-metal ions which are most damaging to health. These ions and radicals damage nutrition and cells of the body to raise ailments, diseases and speed-up aging. Shilajit benefits become varied due to its ability to curb these most damaging compounds and rejuvenate organs by supplementing nutrition in most absorbable form.

Health Benefits of Shilajit

There are practically uncountable health benefits of Shilajit. Though it is famous as anti aging herb but effects which slow down aging process actually provide numerous other benefits. Higher energy, improved vitality and stamina are few of many health benefits of Shilajit. Optimum strength and performance of reproductive system, improved potency and fertility are other Shilajit benefits. Higher muscle mass and improved bone density, stronger joints, healthy nervous system, faster fat metabolism and improved flow of blood are other commonly seen Shilajit benefits. Clear, calm and sharper mind, sharp memory, improved digestive system and healthy excretory system are also important Shilajit benefits. Higher immunity and purified blood, healthy urinary system and healthy liver, kidneys and colon functions are other benefits which one can gain by using this herb.

Uses of Shilajit

Benefits and Uses of Shilajit

Shilajit uses are many and there can be more which are yet to be known. Some of the major Shilajit uses are as follows.

Urinary problems - This herb has shown prolific properties in treating urinary disorders. It has properties to cleanse kidneys and improve their functions. This herb has shown highly effective properties in treating age-induced toxicity and clears toxin build-up caused by harmful foods and drinks, unhealthy lifestyle and stone formation. Elimination of renal calculi and suppressing chances of stone formation are other Shilajit uses.

Enlarged prostate gland - Whether enlargement of gland has been due to age or due to unhealthy practices this herb has shown powerful properties to shrink gland back to its normal size. This herb can reduce size of gland and also diffuse inflammation. It has properties which treat and prevent bacterial infection occurring due to congestion or build-up of fluids around gland. Poor prostate functions are one of the major causes of low libido and poor fertility in males which get effectively alleviated by using this herb. Treating enlarged prostate gland is another one of the major Shilajit uses.

Diabetes - This disease is growing at rapid pace all around the world. Changing lifestyle, eating habits and pollution are considered as major causes for the problem. Handling diabetes is one of the major Shilajit uses. This herb is recommended to maintain healthy sugar levels. Shilajit possesses wonderful properties to protect and improve glandular functions. This herb protects glands from weaknesses and malfunctions due to cell damage caused by toxins and free-radicals and improve their functions. This property improves secretion of insulin and invigorates functions of pancreas. Another major factor which makes this herb beneficial for diabetes is its ability to improve liver functions. Liver plays a major role in metabolizing sugar. It also helps in curbing side effects of diabetes over organs and nerves. Controlling diabetes and protecting health from its side effects are other major Shilajit uses.

Arthritis - This is progressive disorder which depletes joint health and if not treated can make joints immobile. The symptoms of this disease are debilitating and highly frustrating. There are over 100 different forms of arthritis which can affect males and females of any age. Checking progression of arthritis and maintaining joint strength and endurance are other most important Shilajit uses. This herb has properties which strengthen muscles, ligaments, tendons and discs. This herb generates bone tissues and improves bone density and strength. It prevents bones from becoming thin and fragile and maintains their flexibility. These benefits keep joints healthy and prevent arthritis caused due to bone degeneration due to aging, poor health, deficiencies etc. and keeps them protected from other forms of arthritis. Immunity enhancing properties of this herb keep joints protected from autoimmune disorder, infections and contamination of synovial fluid.

Sexual health - Those males and females suffering with frigidity, poor fertility, and low stamina and energy gain wonderful benefits by using this herb, use of this herb elevates level of testosterone hormone which improves reproductive system functions and increase desire and drive for lovemaking. This herb eliminates nerve and tissue weaknesses and improves testicular and prostate functions to improve male's fertility. In women this herb regulates menstrual cycle and maintain flow of blood towards genital region to prevent frigidity, menstrual problems and disorders like dryness, leucorrhoea etc. to keep them active in bed and fertile.

Obesity - Fat metabolism is another major feature of this herb. It supplements enzymes and improves digestive system functions to digest fat and use it for energy production. This herb also promotes body's mechanism to dissolve accumulated fat for energy production which makes it very useful herb for fighting obesity. It lowers serum cholesterol, liver cholesterol, serum triglycerides and serum phospholipids. This herb allows smooth absorption of fat molecule in fatty acids which allows its transportation to cells for energy production. By lowering harmful cholesterol this herb is cardiac friendly, improves circulation and transportation of nutrients.

Fatigue - Shilajit herb is famous for its energizing and revitalizing properties. It is known for providing youthful energy, strength and stamina to person of any age. It increases rate of energy producing reaction, remove deficiencies of nutrients and minerals, energize muscles and lowers fat and cholesterol to boost up physical strength and stamina. It promotes flow of blood and transports nutrients to each and every cell of the body including brain, it balances chemicals in brain and maintains healthy neurotransmission. All these benefits keep a person physically and mentally charged and alert and eliminate problems like fatigue, lethargy, weakness etc. and improve fitness and agility.

Shilajit as Anti Aging Herb

Shilajit is acclaimed since ancient times and till date as powerful and most effective anti aging herb. We all age right from the moment we arrive in the world. Life is a process of growing old, some pass through this process slowly and some speedily. This herb has properties and potency to slowdown aging process considerably and allows a person to lead the phase of life which is full of energy, verve and strength for longer time. Shilajit slows down aging process due to numerous properties it possesses but most important one is its ability to supplement variety of antioxidants which are powerful weapons against free-radicals and free metal-ions.

The free-radicals and metal-ions, damage cells, nutrients and health promoting hormones to weaken organs and systems of the body, and speed-up aging. These cause rapid decline in growth hormones and harm glandular functions to create scarcity of health promoting hormones and promote release of harmful hormones. These promote toxicity and harm functions of vital organs of the body like liver, colon, heart and kidneys. Free-radical damage blocks blood vessels and skin capillaries. Aging brings signs like wrinkles over skin, hair-loss, poor stamina, muscular and bone atrophy due to free-radical damage. Shilajit inhibits free-radical mechanism and protect cells and tissues from damage. It not only shields ill-effects of aging but even repair and reverse damages caused by free-radical and free metal-ions in the body to work as powerful anti aging.

By using this herb person of any age gains higher flow of blood all over body, increased strength, higher stamina and healthy reproductive system. These improve cardiac circulatory and urinary system and improve metabolic rate by supporting digestive and excretory system. This herb tightens skin, promotes hair growth, dissolve spots and improve glow of skin to improve looks of a person and also impart sharper brain functions and mental calmness. It improves memory, and functions of all five senses of the body and cure disorders like insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, depression and lethargy as well. This herb brings back youthful strength, fitness and verve and keep a person forever young.

Shilajit for Energy, Stamina and Power

Benefits of this herb for increasing energy, stamina and power are incomparable. This herb is nutritive and energizing, grows muscles and bones, and also supplies higher energy to keep organs and system at peak of their performance. It is rich source of antioxidants which prevent free-radical damage and slowdown aging. It is powerful anti-inflammatory and reduces chemically induced edema. Anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants in combination make this herb capable of diffusing inflammation in organs and blood vessels and heal injuries faster. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties allow smooth transportation of nutrients and oxygen all over body and keep cellular functions upbeat. When cells are functioning at their optimum level person enjoys optimum vitality and strength.

This herb flushes toxins, harmful chemicals and acids out of the system and rejuvenates organs. It also increases absorption rate of nutrients and promotes healthy hormonal balance. It improves liver functions to keep blood purified and cure anaemia caused by iron deficiency and maintain healthy number of RBCs in blood. Shilajit herb increases bile secretion, promotes faster protein synthesis, metabolize fat and carbs and curb anti-nutritional processes in body to boost-up energy, stamina and power. This herb increases muscular power and cardiac and respiratory systems and treats problems like high cholesterol, blood sugar, hypertension, asthma, piles, indigestion, constipation and blood impurities effectively to protect health.

Best Quality Shilajit Capsules In India

Shilajit Capsules In India

Shilajit ES capsules are the best Shilajit capsules which provide pure Shilajit herb along with other herbs in perfect dosage. Shilajit capsules are easy to use as one does not have to worry about quantity and amount of herb to be consumed with each dose. Shilajit capsules possess refined and pure herb which contains no impurities and contamination and deliver all the benefits in a short time without side effects. Shilajit ES capsules are Ayurvedic capsules for energy and stamina which eliminate ill-effects of poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits, medication and diseases. These Ayurvedic energy capsules are anti aging which means these keep a person high on energy, stamina and strength and make his youth days everlasting.

Ayurvedic capsules for energy and stamina keep a person fertile and fit for enjoying love-life to the fullest. These prevent sexual disorders from creeping-up and maintain reproductive system healthy and sound. Ayurvedic energy capsules are wonderful treatments for psychological issues. These also treat debilitating and stress-causing conditions like insomnia, indigestion, constipation diarrhoea anaemia and other metabolic disorders which deplete energy and strength of a person. The properties of these Ayurvedic capsules for energy and stamina fight back obesity and provide muscular and stronger body. Shilajit capsules are wonderful remedies for checking arthritis and maintain joint strength and endurance.

Use of Ayurvedic capsules for energy and stamina improves immunity, keeps blood purified and maintains healthy liver and kidney functions. All these benefits prevent diseases and disorders from flourishing and also provide solid defence against ever attacking germs, microorganisms, pollutants and allergens. These keep body free from diseases to maintain health. The properties of Ayurvedic energy capsules improve mental abilities of a person as well. Due to poor energy, deficiencies and toxicity etc. brain cells get lesser nutrition and die at rapid pace. These capsules keep blood free from damaging substances and promote its flow to enhance nutritional supply and oxygenation of brain cells. These capsules also possess herbs which increase neurotransmitters and improve brain functions.

These pills are potent remedies for anxiety, depression, low libido, nervousness etc. and keep a person mentally sharp and alert. Ayurvedic energy capsules are not merely health improvers but also improve looks of a person. These provide tighter, shinier and clearer skin and promote growth of healthy hairs and nails. These improve looksof a person and make him appear much younger than his or her age and also provide fitter, slimmer and stronger body with higher energy to allow him to lead a passionate life. These pills improve quality of life, keep a person free from health troubles and also improve his working efficiency by enhancing mental health and along with vitality.

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