Ayurvedic Treatment for Semen Discharge In Urine

Ayurvedic Treatment for Semen Discharge In Urine

Herbal Treatment for Semen Discharge In Urine

Semen Discharge In Urine

Semen production is on-going process in male body once a boy achieves puberty. Semen consists of sperms and seminal fluids which nourish and protect sperms. 2% of total semen volume comprise of sperms while remaining is seminal fluids. Sperms are produced in testicles and are stored there till male ejaculates, but fluids are produced when male begins to get aroused. Both of these are mixed in urethra and later transported out of body passing through urinary canal and ejaculated out of tip of male organ. Many males suffer with problem of semen discharge in urine.

This problem is highly debilitating and can be extremely harmful to male's potency and overall physical and mental health. Problem of semen with urine is referred as Dhat too and it has treatment in Ayurveda which is dependable, fast and long-lasting. If Dhat is not treated it keeps on becoming graver as weaknesses inflicted by regular semen loss further weaken male reproductive system to aggravate symptoms of the problem. This problem makes a male weak and bring changes in his psyche which turn him into a disenchanted lover and make him uninterested in lovemaking.

Semen is ejaculated through urinary canal just like urine; urine too is transferred from kidneys to urethra and travels out of body passing through urinary canal. There are numerous causes which disturb this process and mix semen with urine. Out of all the causes of semen discharge in urine issues related to prostate gland are most common. Males suffer with inflammation of prostate gland or enlargement of gland. The location of this gland is such that inflammation or enlargement cause problems related to urination. Prostate gland encircles urinary canal close to urethra, if it gets enlarged or inflamed it constricts urinary canal and hinders flow of urine and semen both.

This gland is also responsible for providing force to urinary and semen flow. When this gland gets enlarged or swollen it constricts urinary canal and prevent complete ejaculation of semen, some part of semen is left within urethra which is later passed-out with urine causing problem of semen discharge in urine. The passing-out of semen with urine strains walls of urinary canal and damage them, it causes delayed start of urinary stream and burning or pain during urination. Ayurvedic treatment for dhat syndrome handles inflammation and enlargement of prostate gland effectively to provide relief.

Poor habits to gain pleasure like hand-practice are major causes of irritation, enlargement and inflammation of prostate gland; males practicing self-stimulation or coition excessively suffer with fluid build-up around gland which if gets infected with bacteria causes prostatitis. This bacterial infection is recurring and harms gland's health. Ageing also causes enlargement of gland and raises problem of semen discharge in urine in ageing individuals. Damage caused to gland by toxins or free-radicals are other causes of the problem. Congestion around prostate gland also raises problem of semen discharge in urine.

Males having fluid build-up around gland pass drops of seminal fluids into urethra on slight arousal or when they sit. When males apply pressure to pass last drops of urine out the seminal fluids present in urethra also get passed-out causing whitish thick discharge after urination. BPH or benign prostate hyperplasia caused in ageing individuals also causes fluid build-up and raise problem of semen discharge in urine. Ayurvedic treatment for dhat syndrome not only treats problem of semen in urine but also relieves BPH in ageing individuals and prevent need for surgeries. This treatment is also beneficial for treating prostatitis and reducing size of gland.

Exhausted reproductive system is another cause of the problem which brings semen with urine. Males in habit of excessive coition or self-stimulation, or suffering with poor vitality, disturbed hormonal balance and health issues like diabetes etc. wipe-off energy and weaken organs and nerves. Weak nerves on slight excitement causes mixing of seminal fluids and sperms in urethra which either pass out later or stay in urinary canal or urethra to accompany urine. Ayurvedic treatment for dhat syndrome handles weaknesses in reproductive system and nerves too efficiently and provides relief. Ayurvedic treatment for dhat syndrome by reenergizing reproductive system provides numerous other benefits which improve male's performance in bed too. Ayurvedic treatment for dhat syndrome provides long-lasting results as it not only treats the problem of semen with urine but also improve functions of reproductive system and overall health to prevent problem from occurring in future as well. It also eliminates side effects of the problem like low libido, ED and excessive precum and improves male's potency and virility.

Males not eating proper diet which creates deficiencies suffer with low energy and poor vitality which can cause weakness in reproductive system and cause problem. Health issues like thyroid problems, diabetes, use of medicines like diuretics, sedatives etc. also raise the problem by increasing toxicity. Urinary disorders caused by bacterial infections affect prostate gland too to make it inflamed to cause the problems. Long sitting hours, arousals without ejaculation, injuries caused to prostate gland and surgeries also cause problem of semen with urine by affecting organs of male genital region.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Semen Leakage In Urine

Shilajit ES and NF Cure capsules are wonderful supplements which provide holistic and long-lasting Ayurvedic treatment for semen in urine. These pills come with herbs which provide multiple health benefits. Shilajit ES capsules possess Shilajit herb as main ingredient which is powerful anti-ageing, nutritive and aphrodisiac herb. These supplements reenergize nerves, elevate energy and strength of reproductive system, and enhance male's vitality to maintain healthy reproductive system in future to provide long-lasting semen leakage with urine treatment. Major advantage of Shilajit ES capsules is their ability to promote healthy prostate functions and improve prostate gland's health. These supplements diffuse inflammation and reduce enlargement of gland to provide Ayurvedic treatment for semen in urine. These supplements possess anti-inflammatory herbs which diffuse swelling.

These supplements also possess herbal ingredients which are anti-bacterial. These herbs treat bacterial infection and relieve prostatitis for effective semen leakage with urine treatment. Herbal ingredients of Shilajit ES capsules are strong Ayurvedic remedies for semen leakage as these treat chronic and acute prostatitis both effectively. Males running low on immunity or suffering with congested prostate gland are at high risk of suffering with prostatitis and semen with urine problem. Shilajit herb clear congestion and fights back bacterial infection to resolve the problem. This herb improves overall immunity as well. Higher immunity prevents bacterial infection from occurring and prevents reoccurrence of the problem in future as well.

Shilajit ES capsules by virtue of Shilajit and other herbs work wonderfully well for treating enlargement of prostate gland for effective Ayurvedic treatment for semen in urine even in ageing individuals. This gland can get enlarged due to ageing and also due to malpractices like hand-practice, excessive coition and long sitting hours, obesity etc. Elderly individuals suffer with BPH and generally undergo surgeries to get rid of the problem. Ayurvedic remedies for semen leakage prevent chances of surgeries in elderly or young individuals both by shrinking back prostate gland to its normal size. Prostate gland gets enlarged as it suffers with wear and tear of muscular fibrens by regular contraction and relaxation. These muscular fibrens are regenerated slowly so body replace these fibrens with collagen which is bulkier and increase size of the gland. Shilajit herb possess amazing properties to generate muscular fibrens, it replaces collagen with proper fibrens and shrink enlarged size of gland back to normal. This benefit of Shilajit ES capsules work well for treating problem of semen with urine in young as well as elderly males.

Shilajit herb is aphrodisiac, it elevates level of testosterone hormone and rejuvenates male reproductive system, healthy reproductive system maintains healthy and energized nerves. Active and strong nerves prevent semen from flowing out into urethra on slight excitement or pressure. This herb clears congestion and prevents passing out of drops of seminal fluids while sitting or on excitement and also suppresses chances of bacterial infections to provide effective semen leakage with urine treatment. Shilajit herb supplements wide range of nutrients and increase energy production, this herb is wonderful for providing a male unfading vitality and much higher stamina and strength. It improves muscular functions, bone health, joint strength and protects joints from infections, acid crystals and toxins.

NF Cure capsules possess bunch of nutritive and aphrodisiac herbs. These supplements energize male body and improve nerve functions. These possess herbs which eradicate weaknesses and repair damages caused to nerves by bad habits like alcoholism and smoking. Some of the herbs used in these pills are hormonal balancers too. These suppress presence of harmful hormones which deplete vitality and reduce energy levels and also weaken nervous system of the body. By eliminating harmful hormones from blood these pills protect a male fromstress and also maintain healthy eating and sleeping pattern. NF Cure capsules possess nutritive herbs, these pills increase metabolism and promote smooth absorption of nutrients in the body, and these also improve cellular functions by increasing nutrition supply and oxygenation. Sound and healthy reproductive system is very necessary to stay away from issues like semen with urine. Aphrodisiac herbs present in these pills are Ayurvedic remedies for semen leakage problem and also cure other issues like ED, PE and low semen volume.

Shilajit ES and NF Cure capsules in combination provide sharp and clear mind. These treat problems like anxiety, depression, nervousness etc. and also help a male from staying away from bad habits like masturbation. These supplements help in recovering from side effects of medication, treatments and protect male reproductive system from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid problems and toxicity. These handle issues like autoimmune disorder, liver malfunctions, toxic kidneys, renal calculi and UTI or bladder infections to keep a male fit and healthy.

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