Benefits of Fulvic Acid

Benefits of Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid Benefits

What Is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid is naturally occurring compound found in soil and plants. The effect of Fulvic acid is that it facilitates and increase rate of nutrient uptake. Whatever Fulvic acid comes in contact with it turns it into fine and tiny molecules, when it comes in contact with nutrients it turns them into small molecules and allows them to get absorbed in the body smoothly and completely. Higher level of this acid increases cell respiration and energy production to bring body into full functioning. Fulvic acid is produced at the end of humification process it is abundantly found in alluvial soil. This acid is not in just one form it has entire group of acids, but each acid of this group possesses similar characteristics, properties and health benefits.

Health Benefits of Fulvic Acid

Benefits of Fulvic acid are immense and unique. Some of the major benefits of Fulvic acid are listed below.

Life restorer - Cells cannot survive without electrical potential provided by electrolyte. If electrical potential from cell is removed it ruptures and dies, but if electrical potential is restored it reconstructs and work at its full potential. Fulvic acid is nature's most powerful organic electrolyte which balances, activates and energizes biological properties whatever it comes in contact with. It balances cell life and its normal functions are restored by bringing back electrical potential and chemical balance. The properties of this acid to prevent cell death make it a necessity for health in any organic system or body.

Facilitates electro-chemical balance - Electro-chemical balance is required for health in any organic system or body whether human or animal. The process of oxidation and reduction is on-going in body where species accept and donate electron. It has been found that Fulvic acid has trace minerals which can improve this mechanism by working as electrodes.

Dissolves minerals and metals - Fulvic acid has unique property to dissolve minerals and metals when in solution with water. It converts minerals and metals into elaborate and turn them into assimilable form by turning their molecular structure into complex one. The old mineral form of Fulvic acid provides it complex molecular structure which imparts it multiple characteristics and turn metal and minerals into forms which allows their smooth uptake. This is another one of the major benefits of Fulvic acid.

Improves availability, metabolism and promote detoxification - These are amazing benefits of Fulvic acid. This acid increases enzymatic activities and stimulates overall metabolism. It has been found particularly beneficial for speeding-up protein metabolism. Better enzymatic activities increase availability of minerals and nutrients to body and improve cellular functions. This acid also has ability to make nutrition pass through cell membrane easily. This acid cleanses, detoxifies and nullifies environmental pollutants to protect cells from damages.

Improves assimilation of complex nutrients - There are many minerals and nutrients which do not get absorbed easily in the body as body is unable to digest and metabolize them smoothly. Higher level of Fulvic acid assimilates most complex minerals and nutrients easily in the body. It also chelates monovalent and divalent elements to which it is exposed.

Other benefits - It increases energy levels, rebuilds damaged or poor immune system. Improves RNA and DNA synthesis and supplements super-charged antioxidants which ferociously scavenge free-radicals.

Shilajit - Rich Source of Fulvic Acid

Shilajit is extract of decomposed plant matter which has passed through many natural processes inside Earth and has turned into a thick fluid like tar. Plants contain Fulvic acid, when these dry and die and get buried in the soil these release all they had like nutrients, acids, minerals and chemicals. Soil absorbs this matter and generates another seed and transfers all this nutrition to another plant. This is how process goes on in plains, but story is different in Himalayan mountain range, this range has risen from ocean-bed and engulfed all the vegetation which was present over seabed and over a period of thousands of years its continual rise engulfed more and more vegetation.

This massive plant matter decomposed and transferred all the nutrients to land it was buried in through the process of humification. The nutrition obtained from dead plant matter could not be utilized and stayed protected within the mountains, due to excessive heat this matter turned into molten lava like substance and from time to time exudes out of cracks in the rocks. This lava is Shilajit and it has dense concentration of Fulvic acid. Nearly 80% of total volume of Shilajit is Fulvic acid which is highest compared to any other source and completely bioactive.

It will not be an exaggeration if it is said that most of the Shilajit benefits are actually benefits of Fulvic acid. The anti-ageing, rejuvenating, regenerating, protective and curative properties of this herb can be attributed to benefits of Fulvic acid largely if not completely. Fulvic acid is necessary for any organic life whether animal, plant or human and Shilajit is richest source of this life restorer on the planet.

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