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Shilajit ES Ingredients Benefits

Ingredients of Shilajit ES

Health Benefits and Properties of Shilajit

Shilajit ES capsules come with very effective and powerful herbs. These herbs are ingredients of Shilajit ES capsules and make it highly beneficial supplements for sound health and optimum virility. The main ingredient of Shilajit ES capsules is Shilajit herb, Ayurveda is full of praises for properties of Shilajit in improving all-round health, it has amazing anti-ageing and rejuvenating effects, this herb has been used in Shilajit ES capsules along with other herbs which make health benefits of Shilajit ES capsules varied and strong.

Shilajit herb - This herb is powerful anti-ageing and is highly nutritive and aphrodisiac. Use of this herb reverses signs of ageing and provides a person youthful energy, vitality, stamina and strength and improves functions and performance of reproductive system. This herb eliminates weaknesses and deficiencies and increase energy production. Properties of Shilajit protect tissues and organs from damage and maintain optimum protection to health by improving immune system functions. Healthy glands and their optimum functions are major Shilajit benefits.

This herb maintains health of pancreas, adrenal, thyroid, pituitary, prostate etc. to maintain hormonal balance which helps in speeding-up metabolism and absorption of nutrients in body. Healthy hormonal balance also maintains sound mental health and suppress psychological problems Shilajit benefits include healthy blood vessels, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. These Shilajit benefits improve cardiac and circulatory system of the body and boost-up energy.

Health benefits of Shilajit also include optimum liver, kidney and heart functions and sound and healthy respiratory, urinary and digestive system. It is natural remedy for diseases like asthma, arthritis, anaemia, piles, fissures, liver toxicity, renal calculi and psychological issues. Properties of Shilajit cure sexual disorders in males like ED, PE, low semen volume and semen with urine. It promotes healthy prostate and testicular functions and suppresses menstrual irregularities in females.

Kesar - This herb is nerve relaxant and supplements volatile and non-volatile compounds. It brings sound sleep and is aphrodisiac in nature. It is recommended for calm and relaxed mind and healthy flow of blood all over body. It keeps reproductive organs healthy and strong by maintaining blood flow which supplies oxygen and nutrition in optimum amount.

Shatavari - It is boon for healthy female reproductive system and increase breast milk production. It used as one of the important ingredients of Shilajit ES due to its properties which sooth digestive tract, improve immune system, regulate bowel movement, supplement antioxidants and moisturize respiratory tract to improve its functions. This herb is supportive for healthy male reproductive system as well and improves energy levels and strength.

Safed Musli - This herb is recommended in treating issues like gonorrhoea, leucorrhoea, polyuria, dysuria and menorrhagia. This herb supplements alkaloids, Polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, steroids, saponins etc. It is appetizer and aphrodisiac and is also restorative and fights back obesity.

Moti Bhasma - This herb is natural aphrodisiac and anti-ageing and treats lethargy and weariness instantly. It improves vitality and virility, and it treats indigestion, toxic condition, dyspepsia, gastritis, anorexia, cough, cold and asthma. It is natural coolant, relieves burning sensation, improves assimilation of nutrients and vision. It is great for skin and improves glow and complexion.

Shilajit Health Benefits and Properties

Shilajit ES capsules have many benefits due to their powerful ingredients. These are powerful anti-ageing and reverse signs of ageing by heightening energy, strength and vitality of a person. Antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and Fulvic and humic acids are major Shilajit ingredients which energize, rejuvenate and protect organs of the body. Shilajit ingredients provide strong musculoskeletal system, powerful bones, muscles and joints, and also improve functions of cardiac, circulatory, urinary, digestive and respiratory system.

The Shilajit ingredients are efficient in improving glandular functions and maintain hormonal balance. These maintain level of thyroid hormones, growth hormones, insulin and testosterone hormone healthy to maintain optimum metabolism energy production and faster assimilation of nutrients for energized and strong body and healthy mind. Optimum level of hormones maintains sound reproductive system and boost-up male's virility and maintains fertility of females.

Shilajit ingredients are in bioactive form which makes them easily absorbable by body. This herb is anti-toxin and cleanses liver and kidneys. It keeps blood purified and treat numerous disorders like asthma, arthritis, anaemia, osteoporosis, nerve disorders, urinary disorders, piles, fissures, indigestion, hyperacidity, bloating and regulate healthy eating and sleeping pattern. It improves heart health and cures conditions like angina, rapid heart rate, hypertension and relieve psychological issues like anxiety, depression etc.

Healthy fat metabolism, faster assimilation of protein, calcium metabolism and even transportation of nutrients to each and every cell of the body are major Shilajit benefits which make it most effective anti-ageing and rejuvenating herb on the planet. Shilajit benefits are for males of all ages and this herb improves efficacy of other herbs as well. It can be used even by healthy males for enhancing their physical mental and sexual prowess and lead a much improved and passionate life.

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