Shilajit FAQs

Shilajit Capsules FAQs

Shilajit Capsules FAQs

What Is Shilajit?

Shilajit is referred as herb which is not grown over land but exudes out of rocks of Himalayan and Altai mountain ranges. This is thousands of years old vegetation which was once a part of ocean-bed, this vegetation and marine plant-life got buried under the land when tectonic plates of India and Tibet collided and Himalayan range begin to form. This collision lifted ocean's bed gradually over a period of thousands of years to form highest mountain peak in the world. In this process the vegetation got buried in the rising land and became part of rocks and transformed into thick tar like substance, it stayed for years under heat and pressure and later started to exude out through cracks in the rocks. Ancient people identified properties of this tar like substance seeping out of rocks and used it to treat diseases and ailments and gain longevity. This herb finds a place in ancient books and method of treatments and is referred in Ayurveda as elixir which can treat any disease in human body when administered appropriately.

Shilajit possesses nutritive, rejuvenating and curative properties and since it is plant-based the nutrition it provides is in bioavailable form. Bioavailability of nutrients allows them to get absorbed in the body easily and smoothly and this herb provides rare kind of nutrition which is not available easily through diet. Another unique feature of this herb is its ability to reverse damages and disorders. It not only relieves symptoms and calm down disorders but eliminate damages caused by these, its rejuvenating and curative powers makes it highly special herb which is only one of its kind. In general Shilajit is referred as anti-ageing which is capable of providing youth to person of any age and uplift all-round health of a person. It is also great for improving looks and adding natural charm to one's personality.

What is the composition of Shilajit?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in all Shilajit faqs. This herb mainly contains Fulvic acid which is very rare and found in bioavailable form in this herb. Apart from this, trace minerals and vitamins like A, B complex, C and P are other constituents of this herb. This herb contains Humic acid, dibenzo alpha, pyrones, humins and phospholipids and alsopolyphenol complexes and terpenoids, and microelements like cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, manganese, chrome, iron and magnesium. This herb has unique and special composition which makes it most effective and capable of providing variety of benefits.

The Fulvic acid and humic acid levels in Shilajit are attributed to vegetal matter which has decomposed under the land and turned into lava like form by the activities of microorganisms. Fulvic, humic and humins have different solubility in water at different PH levels and get smoothly absorbed in intestines. These are majorly responsible for providing the herb superb curative and anti-ageing properties. Powerful antioxidants and microelements make it highly nutritious and capable of reversing weakness and debilities caused by ageing or disorders.

What are the side effects of Shilajit?

This question is regularly asked in every Shilajit faqs that if there are any side effects of Shilajit. If it is used after proper refinement it shows no side effects. People have used it for years on regular basis since ancient times and have no side effects of Shilajit. However using this herb without refining it and removing impurities can cause problems like intoxication due to presence of mycotoxins. In Ayurveda it has been described that this herb shall be administered at proper time and in right dosage after refinement to gain positive effects.

Today many companies have come up with supplements which provide this herb in the form of Shilajit capsules. These supplements if not produced through proper processes which prevent contamination and impurities can cause side effects. These side effects are not side effects of Shilajit but contamination of heavy metals and chemicals which accompany poorly manufactured supplements and harm health. In each Shilajit faqs it is recommended that buyer shall trust only reputed sources to buy Shilajit capsules to be sure of safety.

Proper dosage of Shilajit is also necessary in order to gain safe and fast results. Many times people go overboard and consume this herb is excessive quantity which can cause mild side effects. Shilajit capsules if manufactured by reliable producer contain right dosage of herb which is safe and beneficial in every possible way.

What are the health benefits of Shilajit?

No Shilajit faqs is complete without a query about its health benefits. The health benefits of this herb are varied and many. It is profound anti-ageing herb which slows down process of ageing and reverses signs of ageing. This herb contains nutrition which is not available through healthy diet. It has nearly 60-70% total accumulation of Fulvic acid which is rare and cannot be gained through any natural food source. Along with Fulvic acid it contain Humins and Humic acid which get absorbed in the body smoothly and are powerful antioxidants, curative and nutritive compounds.

There is variety of minerals, vitamins and microelements present in this herb. These fulfil body's energy requirements and increase rate of energy production. Use of this herb promote healthy hormonal balance and improve health and performance of glands. Proper hormonal balance is boon for sound physical and mental health and improves performance and endurance of organs. Healthy hormones improve vitality and energy levels, improve brain functions and suppress psychological problems. These also regulate healthy eating and sleeping pattern to improve health.

Shilajit herb cleanses liver and kidneys, improve colon functions and boost-up digestion to improve overall metabolism of the body. Higher metabolic rate increase energy, stamina and strength of body and also keeps blood purified free from toxins and damaging substances. Clean liver secretes more bile and metabolizes fat, protein and sugar efficiently to boost-up vitality, kidneys keep blood purified and also prevent protein loss and healthy colon maintain bowel movements and keep toxin build-up under control.

This herb grows muscles and improves bone density, it has special abilities to keep joints healthy and protect them from arthritis. Shilajit herb is excellent remedy for disorders related to reproductive system, it increases libido and in males promote production of sperms in higher number. It treats prostate gland and increase semen volume. This herb is prolific in improving brain functions and relieves psychological problems like anxiety, depression, stress etc. and treat issues like sleeplessness and fatigue.

What are the uses of Shilajit?

Shilajit herb is used since ancient times in treating various disorders and ailments and to enjoy everlasting youth, strength and vigour. This herb not only promotes longevity but improves quality of life as well. Some of the major uses of this herb are as follows.

Anti-ageing - Ageing is a process which goes on, in cases where person is leading unhealthy lifestyle and not eating proper diet this process is speedy. Consumption of this herb slows down process of ageing considerably. This herb even reverse signs of ageing which show up as poor energy, low stamina, low libido, poor fertility, wrinkles, spots on skin, hair loss and disorders. Proper dosage of Shilajit on regular basis makes a person energized, fit, strong and appears much younger than his or her age. It provides youthful desire for lovemaking and amazing capabilities to perform in bed by removing disorders like frigidity and weakness in reproductive organs.

Health disorders - The curative, rejuvenating and nutritive properties of this herb make it natural remedy for curing numerous health disorders which affect males and female commonly and speed-up ageing process by causing debilities and weaknesses. Shilajit is recommended for treating arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, piles, fissures, constipation, poor immunity, anaemia, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, hypertension, blood impurities, anorexia and muscular and bone atrophy caused by deficiencies or disorders like osteoporosis, neuralgia etc. It is also recommended for treating sexual disorders like low libido, low sperm count, poor prostate functions and poor fertility. It treats neurological problems and relieves anxiety, depression, nervousness, stress etc. too efficiently.

Fitness and vitality - If person is administered with proper dosage of Shilajit it improves muscle mass, metabolize fat and bring healthy weight, increase bone density and provide stronger body. This herb improves supply of energy to all organs and muscles and keeps them active. It promotes regeneration of tissues to make organs, muscles and bones healthier and stronger. It supports all the systems of the body by providing higher energy supplementation. It improves immunity, lower toxin presence and dilates blood vessels for higher vitality and stamina. This herb tightens skin, removes spots and wrinkles, promotes hair growth and improves glow of skin to make a person look younger.

Nutrition - This highly nutritive herb which supplement 85 different nutrients and very powerful antioxidants. It speeds-up fat metabolism, generates lean muscle mass and improve bone tissue generation. It improves cardiac functions, improve heart health and clear blood vessels from blockages. It improves urinary system and cleanses liver and kidneys to provide purified blood and sound health. It maintains healthy hormonal balance, improves glandular functions and supress presence of harmful hormones which cause stress, irritability, fatigue, lethargy etc. It repairs damages caused to organs by smoking, pollutants, alcoholism medication and treatments and provide sound mental and physical health. This herb increases rate of energy producing reactions and ensure optimum energy supplementation to keep systems of the body in pristine health and at peak of their performance.

Where to find the best quality Shilajit capsules?

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Can women take Shilajit capsules?

It is general belief and is frequently asked question in every Shilajit faqs. Women can also take Shilajit and gain beneficial results. There is no harm caused to them and herb provides positive results in each case.

How to buy Shilajit capsules online in India?

You can buy Shilajit capsules in India by visiting our website and placing your order. We deliver Shilajit capsules right at your doorstep and maintain your privacy strictly. We offer easy payment options for you to make payments safely.

How to take Shilajit capsules?

Shilajit capsules are easy to use. Just consume one or two pills after breakfast and dinner with water or milk. Maintain regularity and avoid harmful foods, drinks and unnatural practices.

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