Shilajit Side Effects and Dosage

Shilajit Side Effects and Dosage

Side Effects of Shilajit

Is Shilajit Harmful?

In theory there are no Shilajit side effects. This herb is resultant form of vegetation which got buried in land and stayed under pressure and heat for thousands of years. It contains bioactive ingredients and these ingredients improve body's mechanism to reverse debilities and weakness and increase energy, strength and vitality. Like any other herb Shilajit too is harmless and causes no side effects. People often do not pay attention to their diet and lifestyle while using this herb and complain about Shilajit side effects. This herb is natural source of vital minerals and nutrients, over supplementation of certain minerals can be harmful to health, if one is taking any supplement for iron, calcium, magnesium etc. shall switch to natural sources of these minerals rather than supplements.

Many times excessive supplementation of these minerals can cause certain symptoms which people often relate as Shilajit side effects. Shilajit dosage is also important to gain safe results. People after seeing positive changes tend to become over-excited and consume herb in large doses. Excess of anything is bad. If this herb is consumedin higher dosage which body cannot handle it can cause certain symptoms which may appear as Shilajit side effects. Since this herb contain minerals like iron and calcium which in excess can cause digestive problems, strain liver and hinder functions of urinary system so excess dosage of this herb shall be avoided in all cases. Proper Shilajit dosage can be worked out through an expert's guidance to remain completely safe.

Dietary intake shall also be given due importance while using Shilajit herb as supplement. People who are non-vegetarians shall curtail their non-veggie food intake to minimum while using this herb; non-veggie foods can carry certain compounds which can contradict with properties of this herb and raise discomforting symptoms. Non-veggie food sources supply iron in higher dosage than veggie sources which can cause excessive iron supplementation. Apart from these, non-veggie sources have different effect over hormonal secretion than veggie sources which can also cause Shilajit side effects. Eating high fibre, low card and vegetarian diet is the best way to gain maximum benefits from proper Shilajit dosage.

Consumption of alcohol, excessive tea and coffee intake and use of medicines like steroids, sedatives, tranquilizers etc. also causes certain discomforting symptoms in many cases. People using these medicines or drinks shall stop using them while taking Shilajit as supplement. These medicines and drinks have effects over digestive system which can slowdown absorption of this herb in intestines. If herb does not get absorbed completely it cannot deliver its entire benefits and person may not see positive changes quickly. Taking proper rest and sleep is also important while using this herb as supplement. Sleep deprivation hinder release of certain hormones which are vital for health. It is medically proven that person gains maximum release of growth hormones at night in the first three hours. So sleeping early and avoiding staying awake till late help in gaining positive effects of herb quickly. If any person takes care of these simple precautions he or she can gain maximum benefits of Shilajit without even mildest of side effect.

Dosage of Shilajit Capsules

Shilajit capsules have been designed so that anyone can use these without worrying about dosage and method of use. Pure Shilajit extract is used in these pills along with other herbs in perfect dosage so that there are no side effects of Shilajit capsulesin any case. Many people enquire is Shilajit harmful for women. This is an old perception that herb like this is not suitable for women. It is for sure that women may not need this herb in the same quantity as men may need necessarily, but proper Shilajit dosage is not harmful for women either.In fact it is very beneficial for them as it treats and prevents commonly found disorders in females.

The capacity of this herb to treat anaemia, hormonal imbalance, thyroid gland functions, bone health and keep urinary system protected from infections make it highly beneficial herb for women too. If proper dosage is taken with simple precautions there are no side effects of Shilajit capsules in women too. Is Shilajit harmful for young boys? This too is common question. Shilajit capsules supplement nutrients in bioavailable form which are not available even through healthy diet, a growing body needs optimum nutrition and healthy metabolic rate to grow stronger and fitter. So, assuming that Shilajit is for ageing, sick or troubled individuals only and not for healthy and young, is farce.

It is recommended that one can take one or two pills of Shilajit capsules twice in a day. Proper dietary precautions shall be taken and leading healthy lifestyle is highly supportive for bringing positive effects. The herb is hot in potency so if you live in areas where summers are too hot or you stay out and may get frequently dehydrated in summers you can discontinue their use for a while till weather becomes pleasant and continue later. Drink lots of water during the day while using these supplements eat high fibre, low card and low sugar diet for faster effects.

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