Uses of Shilajit Capsules

Shilajit Uses and Benefits

Uses and benefits of Shilajit Capsules

Shilajit Uses In Various Health Conditions

There are practically uncountable uses of Shilajit, largely because this herb possesses so many properties which provide numerous health benefits and can be of immense help in treating various health conditions. This is why in Ayurveda it has been clearly mentioned that if Shilajit is administered in proper dosage and at correct time there is no disease on the planet which is untreatable by this herb. Primarily Shilajit is classified as anti-ageing herb which delays process of ageing and keep a person high on energy and stamina. But this is just polite way of putting extraordinary benefits of Shilajit. This herb possesses properties which can reverse signs of ageing. It means that not only this herb is nourishing and energizing like many other herbs, it also has incomparable rejuvenating properties which can reverse the time clock and take a person back into his or her youthful days.

Anti-ageing properties of this herb are renowned and need no introduction. This herb provides higher energy, stamina and strength in the body and promotes mental alertness and sharpness. It also improves looks of a person by providing tighter and suppler skin, faster growth of healthy hairs and also improve skin complexion. This herb makes a person appear a lot younger than his or her age. Fresh and younger looks, and fitter and energized body, are most popular Shilajit uses.

Strength and fitness are other most sought after benefits of Shilajit. Males seeking stronger muscles, denser bones and muscular body gain their target in much less effort and time by using this herb. This herb possesses amazingly beneficial properties which grow muscles at faster pace, promote higher bone density, improve muscular endurance and keep joints healthy and stronger. This herb allows people to exercise more, maintain fat level low and recover from exhaustion quickly. It protects joints, muscles and ligaments from injuries by improving their endurance.

This herb is highly beneficial in treating various metabolic disorders. These are other uses of Shilajit. This herb increase metabolic rate and keep vital organs like liver and kidneys healthy, it also has properties to improve glandular functions.All these advantages make it natural remedy for numerous frustrating and debilitating metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. People even taking any other treatment for these disorders gain faster results by taking support of this herb.

People falling ill frequently are low on immunity. Poor immune system functions allow body to suffer with infections caused by virus and also allow bacterial and fungal growth in body. Cough, cold, flu, UTI, dysentery, diarrhoea, acne and other serious diseases like tuberculosis etc. are resultants of infections which are allowed by poor immune system. Higher immunity is another one of the important Shilajit benefits.

Shilajit herb protects health like no other natural supplement can. This herb cleanses liver and kidneys by removing toxins. It fulfils nutritional requirements of the body and removes deficiencies. It supplements antioxidants which delay process of ageing by protecting cells from damages caused by free-radicals and free metal-ions, and also digest and flush harmful acids and chemicals which come along with food or water or get produced during digestion. It prevents autoimmune disorder and maintains immunity, prevent infectious agents from growing in body, and maintain energy production higher. Keeping hormonal balance in place makes it very useful for physical as well as for mental health of a person. It regulates eating and sleeping pattern and fights back stress. It is anti-anaemia, anti-asthmatic, anti-inflammatory and heart-friendly herb. It is boon for healthy digestive, urinary, circulatory, cardiac and respiratory system of the body.

Healthy reproductive system and potency are other Shilajit uses. Males or female go down on their reproductive abilities much earlier than age. Females by nature lose their reproducing powers after age of 45-50 years once reach menopause but males can reproduce even at later age. Today males and female both face considerable loss in their abilities to reproduce and cease to enjoy bedtime activities. These issues can be due to poor physical and mental health or due to disorders, and due to weak reproductive system. Shilajit herb is prolific aphrodisiac which rejuvenates reproductive system and impart higher libido. This herb provides age-defying potency and fertility to males and females by reversing ill-effects of ageing, disorders, poor health, psychological problems and medication.

Health Benefits of Shilajit

Versatile properties make health benefits of Shilajit varied and immense. Some of the major health benefits of Shilajit are as follows.

Obesity is like a pandemic these days. People put on weight due to high calorie intake, low calorie burn, poor diet, lack of exercises and due to health conditions like thyroid. Women after pregnancy tend to add some weight which many times grow beyond body's endurance limits and cause serious harm to health. Controlling obesity is one of the main Shilajit uses. This herb metabolizes fat faster and prevents its deposition. This herb improves flow of blood and allows body to reach areas having fat deposition, it increases body's ability to convert fat into lean muscles and dissolve accumulated fat over body to provide slimmer and fitter body. This herb is prolific in dissolving fat around waist which is considered as most harmful as it puts pressure on heart. By increasing energy production, this herb allows a person to stay active during the day and exercise more and regularly to gain healthy weight and shapely body.

Hypertension, high blood sugar and high cholesterol are common disorders these days. Males and females of all ages easily become victim of these disorders and suffer numerous health conditions which can even become life-threatening. Poor heart health, nerve damage, poor vision, psychological problems and general debility are commonly found conditions due to high blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels. Suppressing these disorders are major Shilajit uses. People leading busy life, not exercising regularly or not eating timely and healthy diet suffer with these problems easily, even genetic reasons also causes these problems, by using this herb people can stay away and suppress side effects of these issues easily.

People losing hairs and suffering with poor health of skin due to various reasons gain faster hair growth and younger, tighter and clear skin. Hair loss and dull and dry skin are common these days. Men and women of all ages spend lots of money to gain hair growth, cover bald patches and maintain charm and suppleness of skin. Anti-ageing is one of the primary Shilajit benefits which take care of looks of a person too very well. This herb promotes hair growth, tightens skin, prevents acne, dilutes spots and lightens scars and marks. It also promotes glow and softness and maintains healthy density of hairs. Women gain clear and healthy nails too by using this herb.

Stress is one of the major problems which people face today. Due to regular stress issues like insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue and many others surge-up. Fighting back stress is one of the major Shilajit benefits. Ability of this herb to elevate energy levels and maintain physical strength, and its capabilities to provide sharper and clear mind are boon for relieving stress and promoting mental calmness. This herb promotes faster recovery from exhaustion and brings sound sleep to keep a person mentally and physically charged and fresh.

Medicines like birth control pills or NSAIDs administered for treating fever and mild infections, environmental pollutants suspended in air and water, contaminations in food through insecticide, pesticides and soli pollution, and digestive issues caused by untimely eating irregular sleep, late working hours etc. all strain health incessantly and deteriorate health considerably. These are sources of many health conditions some of which are untreatable. Shilajit benefits are priceless as these suppress ill-effects of all these factors and maintain health. These correct internal malfunctions and strain caused by these and protect health from damages to keep a person fit, energized and strong.

Frigidity is common these days, and it is as common in males as it is in females. There are many factors which have grown out proportions due to modern lifestyle. Stress, mental tensions, diet, busy routine, pollutants, contaminations, chemical exposure and many others varying from mild to serious in nature strain reproductive system, wipe-off energy and cause frigidity to jeopardize one's love-life. Inactive love-life causes frustration in young males and females and also harms relationships.

Benefits of Shilajit In Various Health Conditions

Shilajit herb is used in treating many disorders. Amongst common Shilajit uses are treatment of poor vitality, weak bones, muscular atrophy, low stamina and energy levels. This herb is used in treating fatigue, lethargy, general debility, tiredness and exhaustion. This herb is widely used for treating asthma, frequent allergies in respiratory system, frequent cough, congestion in chest and blockages of airways. Shilajit herb comes with nutrients which increase number of RBCs and bone marrow functions.It is powerful remedy for issues like iron-deficiency anaemia and osteoporosis and provides denser and flexible bones by curing calcium insufficiency due to poor calcium intake and calcium metabolism. This herb is recommended for arthritis due to its ability to keep muscles, ligaments, bones and tendons stronger and prevent infections in the joints.

It is immunity enhancer so a natural remedy for rheumatism, UTI and frequent infections causing acne, tuberculosis, cough, flu, conjunctivitis etc. It is powerful remedy for conditions like fatty liver, toxic liver, liver cirrhosis and jaundice. It also cleanses kidneys, treat renal calculi and urinary system disorders. It treats issues like ED, PE and low semen volume in males and elevate libido in males and females both. It treats menstrual irregularities in females and keeps their reproductive system healthy curing vaginal dryness, lesser sensation and weak tissues. Curing issues like indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, hyperacidity, bloating and lesser appetite are also uses of Shilajit. It keeps urinary system healthy and maintains healthy urine output. It treats conditions like anorexia nervosa. Treating nervous system disorders are other major uses of Shilajit. These repair damaged nerves and energize weak nerves to improve their functions.

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